Announced by Bellville Communication Department on 10 December, 2020

The Elders and Pastor of the Bellville Congregation met tonight (10 December 2020) to discuss the impact on our worship services, of the surge in the number of Covid infections in the Western Cape, specifically in the areas that feed our membership. The daily infections have almost doubled in the last few weeks, putting the communities in this part of the country into a bigger risk than at the time when we started the virtual zoom platform meetings. We are all aware of cases within our Bellville church community that have contracted the virus in the last few weeks.

Given the strong warning and plea from our Country’s President, and the Premier in the Western Cape, we have decided that the risk is too great to continue with the ‘in-person‘ meetings at the church, as we have done every second Sabbath for the last two months, and which were planned to continue on the 12th and 26th of December.

We therefore:

1) Suspend all in-person gatherings at the church with immediate effect. Depending on the situation, the in-person church gatherings will resume in March 2021 again.

2) Continue with the Zoom meetings for Prayer Meeting, Vespers and Sabbath Lesson Study and Divine Thought, as presently.

3) Conclude the year’s meetings. The last of the zoom meetings will be on Sabbath, the 19th December.

4) Resume the Zoom meetings on Sabbath, the 9th January 2021 with the Ten Days of Prayer. The normal sequence of Wednesday Prayer Meeting, Friday Vespers and Sabbath Lesson Study and Divine Thought will then resume on Sabbath, 9th January, utilising the zoom platform. We will have a new speaker roster out in time for these meetings.

The Leadership will inform the members of any change in these arrangements, as we monitor the situation on the ground.

We encourage our members to not neglect the family worship during the festive season and in the absence of scheduled worship sessions.

We express our appreciation to every member for the concerted effort all of you have made to protect yourself and those around you during these testing times. In particular we thank the Covid-19 Committee for garrisoning our members during this time. We all have a responsibility not only as citizens but as children of the Almighty to be custodians of the precious gift of life. We count on you to support all the efforts of the government and our church body in this regard.

God bless you all and keep you safe during this holiday season.