20 Ways to get Involved

Are you looking for some ways to get more involved at Bellville? Well, here’s a list of some out of the ordinary things you could do but that would make a big difference.

1.  Start or join a Prayer Chain.

2.  Be a part of our Social Media Team.

3.  Escort first time parents and kids to their classrooms.

4.  Support the Adventist Community Services (ACS) Department by being a volunteer at our next Community Project.

5.  Render music items during our Sabbath School.

6.  Wear a neon vest and help park cars.

7.  Review ebulletins and newletters for typos. (See what we did there?)

8.  Prepare craft projects for children's ministries.

9.  Design posters, flyers or banners for special events.

10.  Assist the deacons by patroling the parking lot and street.

11.  Create announcement videos.

12.  Assist Personal Ministries in planning evangelistic events.

13.  Get on-the-job tech training and work on the tech team.

14.  Take pictures at special events.

15.  Pray for the church service during the church service.

16.  Join the web team and help keep our website current.

17.  Help us keep track of data and spreadsheets.

18.  Write stories and recaps of events and activities.

19. Support the Interest Coordinator in making new joiners/visitors feel welcome or the coordination with the use of the church facility for weddings, etc.

Are you uniquely skilled or passionate about any of these things?  Do any of these things sound interesting to you? If you want to jump in, just click here and let us know.  We will connect you to the right person.

P.S. If you want to know what it’s like to BE a volunteer at Bellville, watch this short video of one of our Visual/Tech volunteers.