Adventist Women's Ministries (AWM)


Thank you for visiting; here, we are passionate about GOD and commit to making ourselves available to be used for His glory. In this regard, we seek to prioritize our spiritual growth, contribute to the community, fully develop and harness our potential for His mission, socialize and build healthy connections and lastly, promote physical and mental well-being.

We hope to achieve all of the above through:

  • Nurturing and equipping women for service

  • Cultivating women’s spiritual gifts and fostering growth

  • Maximizing women’s contribution in the church

  • Challenging women in their daily walk with Christ as disciples

  • Affirming their immeasurable worth by offering women’s viewpoints from multicultural and multi ethnic perspectives

  • Offering mutual support, mentorship and creative exchange of ideas

The Women’s Ministry has adopted a ‘Total Member Involvement’ (TMI) strategy and as such has a broad-based leadership approach, where leadership is harnessed across the department. This includes a steering committee consisting of women with incredible talents, willing to be used for service.

This 10-member steering committee is accessible and contactable via

AWM Leader
Issy Ile

AWM Elder
Elvirah Miller

Other members are:

Sister Eloise Johnson

Sister Josphine Akimanimpaye

Sister Beverly Koning

Sister Hazel Kwatala

Sister Heike Terry

Sister Luann Desai

Sister Philo Nsengiyumva

My Whole Life

I was born to reflect the image of a God who is powerful enough to create my universe, attentive enough to hear my prayers and loving enough to be defined by self-sacrifice. I find my greatest fulfillment on a journey toward purpose and wholeness.