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Here at Bellville, we value the ministry of returning a faithful Tithe and Offering to the Lord.

In the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Tithe money does not stay within the local congregation but is redistributed across the global network of Churches for the furthering of the Gospel mission. Our church also collects local Offerings and uses them to support our congregation’s ministries directly through our Church budget.

Thank you for your support of the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as you Tithe, as well as your support of our local church ministry budget through your Offerings.

Please make use of the following reference formats when returning Tithe and Offering via electronic banking/EFT:

Local Church Bank Account (Standard Bank)
When you give Tithe and Offering via electronic banking, please use your surname and initials (for eg. Adams, W) as a reference.

Cape Conference Bank Account (Absa Bank)both
You may choose to transfer Tithe only, using your Surname,Initial,Tithe,BVL (for eg. Adams,W,Tithe,BVL) as a reference. It is important that you reference the congregation, Bellville, abbreviated as 'BVL'.

Then email your proof of payment/deposit with a clear breakdown for both Tithe and Offering, to the Church Treasurer at

Note, it is preferred to have both Tithe & Offering transferred to the local church bank account for receipting purposes. Alternatively, you may transfer Tithe only into the Cape Conference account.


Do you have questions about stewardship and returning of tithe? Click here to learn more.