Sabbath School

The Sabbath School is the most important group in the life of every Adventist congregation: a complete religious educational experience that is focused on each age group from beginners to adults.

Sabbath School
is discipleship through religious education - and so much more. In seeking to meet the spiritual formation needs of the study group. It features emphases in fellowship, outreach, Bible study, and mission and provides a rich spiritual environment in practical, everyday settings.

Visit the General Conference Sabbath School & Personal Ministries website for more information.

The Sabbath School Bible Study Guides are study tools designed to help you gain new insights and fresh perspectives. People are encouraged to study the lesson throughout the week and, during this time, discuss what it is teaching and have the opportunity to share how it has made an impact on them. Looking for a convenient way to always have your Sabbath School Lesson with you and helps the church to save a little extra money?  Your Sabbath School lesson can be found online!! There's a solution! Below are links to great sites for FREE download:

Also check out the Sabbath School App for Android and IOS smart phones/devices.

Join us as we study and explore God's word together.

Bible study classes are divided into the following general age groups:

Class Venue Teacher Age
Adults and Senior Youth Main Church Building Various +26 years
Cornerstone Connections     Crying Room Upstairs      TBC 12 - 15 years
Youth Upper Board Room TBC 16 - 25 years
French Speaking Class Back of Church Alphonsa Hakhiza      Not applicable
Junior Sabbath School Church Hall Various 2 - 11 years