Our Mission

To follow in the footsteps of Christ, who while on earth, spend much of His time performing medical ministry. As Jesus revealed, healing is not only confined to the physical part of man, but includes the social, spiritual and emotional dimensions, all essential to a complete and abundant life. It is our Divine mandate to make man whole. By doing so, we exemplify the love, compassion and mercy of our Saviour. This is true Christianity in practice.

Our Vision

Every individual should be made aware that our bodies are the temple of God. Through our health initiatives and church members we aim to promote, courage, equip and help people adopt a healthy way of living that would prevent disease, delay pre-ature aging, unnecessary deaths and live a holistic lifestyle through the use of scientifically proven data which are consistent with the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Health & Temperance Leader and Team

"For an eficient program to be planned and implemented in the church, it is necessary for the church to elect a Health Ministries Leader. He/She should be health-orientated and interested in promoting the church's standards in healthful kiving among the members and in the community through church-operated health ministries programs. The leader should be able to screen programs and information that are representative of the ideals and philosophy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and to integrate them into an effective spiritual-physical witness." Church Manual, p 124

Health & Temperance Leader and Team Duties

To outline, plan and budget programs for the year that will emphasize total health and temperance for the church and the community.
To promote and ongoing witness in the community concerning the destructive effects of tobacco, alcohol and other health destroying drugs, substance  and food.
To foster good relationships with community.
To encourage the study of Bible principles and the Spirit of Prophecy counsels on health and temperance.
To encourage the application of the principles of healthful living among church members.
To arrange and promote the holding of health and temperance education programs for the church  and the community it serves

The Health Ministries Team

Role Name Contact Details Portfolio/Responsibilities
Elder Elder Calvin Desai +27 84 740 2412 Elders Board Representative
Mentor Dr Elias (Eltie) Links +27 83 276 2818 Metor / Advisory
Leader Dr Sonja R. Lewis +27 82 454 1986 
Health Education, Seminar & Demonstrations, Health Expo Coordinator, Breathe Free Project
Coordinators  Sr Rochelle Terry +27 74 110 7133 Health Expo Coordinator and Breathe Free Project
Br Charles Knowlen Health Expo Coordinator and Outdoor Physical activities (walking/hiking club)
Br Waldo Adams +27 76 668 5848 HIV/AIDS Coordinator and Health Seminars
Br Shermon Miller +27 72 267 87 42 Health Initiatives and Outdoor Physical Activities (walking/hiking club)
Sr Charlene Petersen +27 73 374 1971 (husband)
+27 21 913 1633
Alternative/Natural Medicine Remedies
Sr Natassha Miller +27 71 285 0730 Online Health Magazine and Health Literature

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