GC Session 2015 Report

10 July 2015

Compiled By Professor Eltie Links

The outcome of the vote on female ordination is now history and the outcome would govern the issue for the next five years. However, discussions amongst delegates and laymen continue in the corriders, clearly reflecting the difference of opinion on the issue still remaining. Prof E Links

On other issues the Fundamental Beliefs attracted quite robust discussion. I was really impressed by the in depth discussion around these 28 Beliefs. It gave me an in insight into the weight of these principles, reflecting the theological/biblical basis  for each of these fundamental beliefs.  The ones that elicited the most discussion were the obvious ones: Creation' six literal day week; the Great Controversy and the Spirit of Prophecy. The nature of Jesus was also heavily debated. (More about this when we have a chance to explain more extensively on our return).

An overarching and reassuring takeaway from these Business Sessions is undoubtedly the Spirit of Christ pervading in the dome. Prayers were called for, amongst delegates in groups of two and three, from time to time. During the women ordination discussion prayers 'interrupted' the discussion no less than thirteen times throughout the day's deliberations.

In all, one can conclude that the Spirit of the Lord guides the Church in a definite manner. It leaves you with no doubt that the Church is a mighty organisation that has its firm footing on the Bible with added light provided by the Spirit of Prophecy. My faith has been reaffirmed in the beliefs of the church, its leadership and the processes it follows.

I would so much desire that we as a church congregation work on the idea of subsidising our coordinating elder to attend such a session. In fact, we should all endeavour to attend at least one of these GC Sessions in a life time, because there is a kind of pilgrimage feeling about one's being around here. Just the music and other exhibitions are overwhelming in their impact on one's view of Christ's Church.