Danielle's Blog

29 October 2015

Going through difficulties is inevitable whether it be personal, family or work related, sometimes even as much a bad day, can have us feeling alone and hopeless. You know the 'us against the world' feeling. And it is so easy in those moments to get caught up in the 'why me', the irony of course being that we all have been there, as you entertain the pity party and become further fixated on the negative, losing sight of the very many blessings that we are privy to daily.

This is the exact toxicity that Satan needs to thrive as he further isolates and tempts us, knowing we are weak and susceptible. For it is in these times that I am reminded of the promise He makes in Deuteronomy 31:6 'Be strong and courageous in Me, for I will never leave you nor forsake you.' What a mighty and true God we serve that even when we are at our lowest, in times when those closest aren't around and we can't seem to find the words to express that which we feel in the inner most corners of our hearts, He is there.

Let us draw comfort in this for the week ahead as we remember that as children of the King, we are never alone.

Danielle van Wyk