Communication Ministries

"Building bridges of hope" is the mission statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church's Communication Department. We work toward this goal by reaching out to diverse church audiences -- both internally and externally -- through many avenues of communication. Creating informative and intuitive web sites, updating social media sites, and writing news stories and press releases are some of the ways we share our message. Through our work, we foster a clearer image of the church, its mission, activities and witness, so that many will become followers of Christ and members of His church.

The Bellville Seventh-day Adventist Church Communication Ministry seeks to present the Gospel and services of the Bellville SDA Church to the community in such a way so as to make people eager to participate and to become believers and disciples, or for those already participating, to transform them to do greater works.

We believe that ‘communication’ is central to every aspect of our local church structure today, technically making every leader in the church a communicator, however our role in ministry is to ensure that members are kept informed and the church is properly represented to the public.The ministry will also assist the Bellville SDA leadership and ministries by developing strategies for promotion of the value added to the community, and our society by our church ministries, services, activities, programs and events. It is therefore critical that we communicate with one another regularly to allow us to be effective in our role.

The following areas will encompass our ministry to help us encouraging, promoting, formulating, inspiring and equipping Bellville SDA Church to further advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community—to the glory of God!

News and information
It’s vital to keep church members informed about upcoming activities, and equally important to share church news with conference communication directors and the larger Adventist family. We will manage the Bellville SDA Church presence on the Internet -

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We at Bellville make use of MailChimp, a web-based application to distribute our weekly eBulletin and general information to our members and others who have subscribed to it. We stopped using printed bulletins to support go-green initiatives as well as saving costs. Click below to learn more about MailChimp.
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Advertising and promotion
Strategically promote all church programs/events and evangelism campaigns to attract attendance. To produce flyers and posters for ministry leaders and participating members for special events or campaigns and services by using the internet and social media networks.

The team
Godwin Bruinders, Communication Secretary
Larnelle Vogel, Communication Assistant Secretary

Are you a behind-the-scenes person but wish you could do more for your church? We are looking for new recruits like you. Plenty of opportunities and training provided. Feel free to approach any of the above staff or click here to email us.

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