When King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem in 605 B.C., he took thousands of prisoners home with him to Babylon. Among these prisoners was a young man named Daniel.

Daniel soon became an outstanding public servant for the king. But he remained absolutely loyal to the God of Israel.

He held the post of king's counselor during Nebuchadnezzar's reign; then went into semi-retire­ment. But he was thrust back into the spotlight during the last night of Babylon's history. King Belshazzar asked Daniel to read the mysterious handwriting on the palace wall.

Daniel continued to serve as a high officer of the Medo-Persian kingdom, though by this time he was a very old man.

The book of Daniel divides itself into two sections—historical and prophetic. The first six chapters are filled with interesting stories. The last six are mainly prophecies. One of them points to the time when the Messiah would appear.