Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Bellville Genesis 2:3 "...God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it..."


Directory of Ministry Leaders and Associates

Click here for a list of all the Newly Elected Officers for the year 2017.

District Pastor
Neville W. Carolus | Send him an email | +2783.623.1253

Associate Elder
Ernest Adams | Send him an email | +2774.531.3975

Associate Elder
Joseph Vogel | Send him an email

Coordinating Elder
Maanda Manyatshe | Send him an email | +2783.209.0888

Associate Elder
Sherwin Dreyer | Send him an email

Personal Ministries Leader & Treasurer
Calvin Desai | Send him an email | +2783.711.7309

Lisa-Marie Smith | Send her an email | +2776.179.7563

Church Clerk
Velda America | Send her an email

Music Coordinator
Carlo Joseph | Send him an email | +2783.440.4452

Head Deaconess
Luana Desai | Send her an email


Sabbath School
Abigail Schereka-Dreyer | Send her an email

Children Ministries
Chantal Dyers | Send her an email

Stewardship Director and Choir Leader
Elias (Eltie) Links | Send him an email

Spirit of Prophecy
Harold Woodman | Send him an email

Education and Audio & Visual (Projection)
Darren Bolton | Send him an email | +2772.202.4114

Men's Ministries

Wayne Martin | Send him an email

Family Life
Bonginkosi Nkabinde & Ronelle Terry-Nkabinde | Send them an email

Adventist Woman Ministry (AWM) Coordinator

YAWM - Natassha Miller | Send her an email

Welfare/Adventist Community Services (ACS)
Ron & Veronia Isaacs | Send them an email

Health & Temperance
Charlene Pieterse | Send her an email

Interest Coordinator
Charmelle Meth | Send her an email

Adventurer Club
Mluleki Moyo | Send him an email

Head Deacon and Audio & Visual (Sound)
Gershon Isaacs | Send him an email | +2776.486.9510

Pathfinder Club 
Danielle Adams | Send her an email

Keenan White | Send him an email