Pastor Arnet Mathers

A brief description of Ps Arnet Mathers

Arnet Mathers is a life-long Adventist well acquainted with the challenges of pressing "toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus" while living in a body "sold under sin."

From the age of 14 he knew his life's work was to find answers for how to live the Christian life in his own quest for healing, and then to share those answers. He has found the God who Himself embodies love to be the greatest healing agent in the universe.

Sharing this message, he has worked in publishing ministries (Hope International, Laymen Ministries) both writing, typesetting, and copy-editing; his pastoral ministry includes interning in the Illinois Conference as senior pastor in the district where 3ABN is located (1994-2000), senior pastor of the Bennington-Rutland district in Vermont (2000-2010), and currently senior pastor of the Calais-Whiting district in Maine (2011-present), and he is a speaker for, a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the three angels’ messages within the context of justification by faith and operated under the auspices of the Northern New England Conference (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, USA).