Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Bellville Genesis 2:3 "...God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it..."


Nominating Committee Report 2016

The following officers were nominated to serve for the year 2017 and was accepted on Sabbath 22 October 2016.

Nominating Committee Members as at 2 October 2016

1. Ps Neville W. Carolus (Chairperson)
2. Sr Velda America
3. Br Ray Terry
4. Br Gershon Isaacs
5. Br Ernest Adams
6. Br Richard Havyarimana
7. Sr Chantal Dyers
8. Sr Claudette Hakiza
9. Sr Abigail Schereka-Dreyer (Secretary)

Nominated Officers for 2017

1. Br Maanda Manyatshe (Head Elder)
2. Br Ernest Adams
3. Br Joseph Vogel
4. Br Sherwin Dreyer

1. Br Gershon Isaacs (Head Deacon)**
2. Rr Wayne Martin
3. Br Richard Havyarimana
4. Br Waldo Adams
5. Br Steven Muller
6. Br Shermon Muller
7. Br Carlo Joseph
8. Br Louritz (Wendy) Mouton
9. Br Shane Dyers
10. Br Glen Koning
11. Br Clive Koning
12. Br Charles Knowlden
13. Br Garfield Links
14. Br Antoine Nshumyumuremyi

1. Sr Luanne Desai (Head Deaconess)**
2. Sr Danielle White
3. Sr Robyn White
4. Sr Chantal Dyers
5. Sr Angela Knowlden
6. Sr Nicole Isaacs
7. Sr Velda America
8. Sr Beverley Koning
9. Sr Ilona Koning
10. Sr Abigail-Schereka-Dreyer

1. Br Calvin Desai (Treasurer)**
2. Sr Linda Adonis  (Assistant)
3. Sr Candice Adams (Assistant)

Personal Ministries
1. Br Calvin Desai (Director)**
2. Br Mluleki Moyo (Secretary)**

Interest Coordinator
1. Sr Charmelle Meth

Family Ministries
1. Br Bonginkosi & Sr Ronelle Nkabinde**

Adventist Women Ministries (AWM)
1. Vacant (Coordinator)**
2. Sr Ilona Koning (Assistant)
3. Sr Velda America (Assistant)
4. Sr Natassha Muller (Young Adventist Women's Ministries - YAWM)

Adventist Men
1. Vacant (Coordinator)**

Children's Ministries
1. Sr Chantal Dyers (Coordinator)**

Stewardship Director
1. Br Elias (Eltie) Links**

Health & Temperance
1. Sr Charlene Pieterse (Coordinator)**
2. Sr Alvira Muller (Assistant)
3. Sr Lynn Moyo (Assistant)
4. Sr Rochelle Terry (Assistant)
5. sr Heike Terry (Assistant)

Sabbath School
1. Sr Abigail Schereka-Dreyer (Coordinating Superintendent)**
2. Br Ray Terry (Assistant Superintendent)
3. Br Waldo Adams (Assistant Superintendent)
4. Sr Rochelle Terry (Secretary)
5. Sr Candice Adams (Secretary)
6. Sr Danielle Adams (Secretary)

Youth Ministries
1. Br Wayne Martin (Coordinator)**
2. Sr Lynn Moyo (Secretary

Education Ministries
1. Br Darren Bolton (Secretary)**

1. Vacant  (Secretary)**
2. Vacant (Secretary Assistant)

1. Sr Danielle Adams (Director)**
2. Sr Ronelle Terry-Nkabinde (Deputy)
3. Br Ray Terry (Deputy)

1. Br Mluleki Moyo (Director)**
2. Sr Velda America (Deputy)
3. Sr Chantal Dyers (Deputy)
4. Sr Natasha Martin (Deputy)
5. Sr Candice Adams (Deputy)
6. Br Bonginkosi Nkabinde (Deputy)

Church Pianist
1. Sr Lisa-Marie Smith

Choir Leader
1. Br Elias (Eltie) Links

Music Coordinator
1. Br Carlo Joseph**

Spirit of Prophecy
1. Br Harold Woodman

Publishing Ministries Coordinator
1. Br Keenan White**

IT: Audio & Visual
1. Br Darren Bolton (Projection)
2. Br Richard  Havyarimana (Projection)
3. Br Gershon Isaacs (Audio)

Church Clerk
1. Sr Velda America**

Welfare/Advenist Community Services (ACS)
1. Br Ron & Sr Veronica Isaacs
2. Sr Bernice Julius

**Church officers included in church board membership. (Page 130-131: Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual - Revised 2015 - 19th edition)