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Appeal: Needs Drive

My name is Cheryl-lynn Rhode, I am a recent Amputee and I am a patient at Western Cape Rehab, Lenteguer hospital doing my Rehabilitation.

My first experience upon arrival was very overwhelming, because I was a Homecare nurse and now I am a patient. The stories I’ve heard are so sad as some of the people at the rehab center are very poor and they rely on Government Transportation to get them home and back to Rehabilitation again.

There was one patient that waited 2 months to get home and she was wearing the same clothes every day because she did not have anything else to change into. My heart went out to her. Another patient bought her a cellphone and I offered her some credit just so she could call home, it was just too sad for me to witness something like that.

I am aiming to help every patient at my Rehabilitation Centre with some basic needs, such as, tracksuits, vest, socks and tekkies. They come from very far places and travel long distances with only the clothing they packed and can’t afford transport for relatives to bring them basic needs because of their different backgrounds. We know that our Government Hospitals and other facilities only provide 3 meals a day and
don't provide many toiletries. I wish to get some Donations and Sponsors to contribute to this cause. I'm sure we wouldn’t put our own family member’s through this. Everyone should at least wear something comfortable to exercise in just feel at ease while going through Rehabilitation process.

We have Paraplegic patients, stroke patients and people with various disabilities.

Thank you for your support and compassion in helping enrich the life of others in more ways than you would ever know. We are so grateful for your support.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Cheryl-lynn Rhode
Out-patient at Lenteguer Western Cape
Rehabilitation Centre